Sunlight by Angie Dixon
When I look at "Sunlight" I get an urge to sing "Sunlight through water" to the tune of "My Favorite Things." I don't, because I paint much better than I sing. But I do get that urge.
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Swept by Angie Dixon
To me, "Swept" is a perfect painting. it's beautiful and it represents something - that moment of being swept away. Whether literally or figuratively, we've all been there.
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The Edge by Angie DIxon
The Edge
I tend to paint with a lot of color and texture. While "The Edge" certainly has texture, it has fewer bright, bold colors than most of my work. I mean. Black and white are colors, but this is different and I like it because of that difference.
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The L:och
The Loch
I've mentioned elsewhere that I'm fascinated with seascapes and under-seascapes. "The Loch" made me wonder, what might be down there? Of course nothing is down there. But what could be?
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Wasteland by Angie DIxon
These sets of four canvas panels were my husband's idea. He has great ideas. I love this set, "Wasteland," because it's basically one painting on top and another on bottom.
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Wheatish by Angie Dixon
When I was growing up, my father farmed wheat, among other things. I've never forgotten the stench of a burning wheat field after harvest. I've also never forgotten how beautiful the ripe wheat was. Something like this.
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