Peat by Angie Dixon
This is an odd little painting. I paint a lot with brown and a little with green and almost never together. This just came into my head, and I like it a lot because it's not something I do a lot. Likewise the name, "Peat," just kind of came to me and I said, Oh, okay.
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Rising by Angie DIxon
About once a week I decide to keep a painting. Usually I decide just as quickly not to keep most of them. If only I had wall space enough. But "rising" is one of those paintings I've decided repeatedly to keep. It represents a phoenix in flight and feels very personal.
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Sea Change by Angie Dixon
Sea Change
I actually painted "Sea Change" twice. The second time, with the same colors on the same panel, it turned out exactly the way I imagined it the first time.
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Shattered by Angie DIxon
I quite often feel like a painting is my favorite. "Shattered" is my favorite painting I'm willing to sell. To me it just feels like those moments when you're exhausted and can't sleep, you're behind and can't get caught up, and you're just, well, shattered.
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Smog by Angie Dixon
I don't paint a lot of urban stuff, but this just appeared on the end of my brush one day in full. Well, not quite, of course. But I knew when I started that I was working on an urban landscape and basically what it would look like. Turns out I was right.
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Strike One by Angie DIxon
Strike One
I tend to avoid symbolic color combinations. I don't paint in red and green, and I don't paint in red, white and blue, except when I do. "Strike One" isn't symbolic of anything except that the white seemed to belong. I think that's fine.
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