Hope Springs by Angie Dixon
Hope Springs
I'm not sure where the name "Hope Springs" comes from, but I like it. I love the colors here, and it feels very optimistic and very powerful to me. It also feels fun, and I love fun.
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Jelly by Angie Dixon
I once, when I was a whole adult, almost kicked a jelly fish on the beach with my bare foot. I once almost kicked a jelly fish with my bare foot on purpose. I didn't know it was a jellyfish. It was covered in sand and seaweed. But I knew I was going to kick it to find out what it was. Fortunately my husband did know what it was, and stopped me. Because that jellyfish was not as cute as this painting.
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Light by Angie Dixon
I don't know what to say about "Light" at all. I think it's a lovely painting. I think it doesn't look like my other work at all. I think I'd like to do more in that style. I think I probably won't. .
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Monday by Angie DIxon
I don't hate Mondays. We have a fairly cordial relationship. But I am familiar with the term "Blue Monday," and I thought the title "Monday" fit this painting very well.
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Morning by Angie Dixon
I am not often awake before the earth. When I am, I've usually been awake for some time. "Morning" captures those rare occasions when I've risen early and watched the sun wake. These moments make me wish I was an early riser. I think I'd never tire of the sight.
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Next Level by Angie Dixon
Next Level
The first time I saw a hard edge painting, I knew I had to try that. "Next Level" is that first attempt, and I suspect the first of many. The combination of lines and colors makes this one of my favorites.
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