Deep by Angie Dixon
I guess with all of my four-panel sets I feel like I'm looking out a window. With "Deep," it feels like those windows are in a submarine, looking at the ocean.
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Deep Sea by Angie Dixon
Deep Sea
I paint a lot of water. I also watch a lot of ocean documentaries where scientists go deep into the ocean in submersible craft. I could never go. Claustrophobic. But "Deep Sea" feels like what I see when I watch them go.
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Floating by Angie DIxon
I say my favorite things to paint are seascapes, but I seem to paint a lot of underwater scenes. "Floating" is one of the best of those.
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Foam by Angie DIxon
I was born in a landlocked state, miles from even a stream. You wouldn't know it by my love for water and particularly the ocean. I paint a lot of water. Much of that is seascapes. The rest is simply open water like "Foam."
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Garden by Angie Dixon
"Garden" was the first painting in this style, with lots of color and brush strokes. It's the first in what I hope will be a large body of work. I enjoyed painting it and I enjoy looking at it.
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Goldenrod by Angie DIxon
A lot of my paintings get their inspiration from nature. Most of those involve water. Some, like "Goldenrod," come from memories of plant life growing up on a farm.
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