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When I was a kid, my parents took me to a lot of caves. I don’t think they were trying to lose me, but I did become claustrophobic, and I don’t willingly go in caves as an adult. Which is to say, I don’t go at all. “Cavernous” is a memory.

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When I was a kid, my parents took me to a lot of caves. I don’t think they were trying to lose me, but I did become claustrophobic, and I don’t willingly go in caves as an adult. Which is to say, I don’t go at all. “Cavernous” is a memory.



Don’t buy a painting from me.

You can buy a painting anywhere.

A painting is a thing.

It fills that spot over your couch.

I want you to buy an experience.

Buy the way the painting makes you feel.

Buy what it means to own original art.

Buy being an art owner.

When you buy all that, the painting comes with it.

It’s like a bonus.

Okay, it’s not really like a bonus.

But don’t buy a painting. At least, not just a painting.


I’m a real person, even if my cats sometimes aren’t so sure.

I know what it’s like to buy something sight unseen. I know what it’s like to buy something special sight unseen.

I want you to feel great about your painting. I want it to become part of your home.

And I want you to feel comfortable trying out your painting to make sure it fits your life.

So here’s my guarantee. Buy the painting you love. Unbox it. Live with it for a few days. If you’re not convinced this is the painting for you, just let me know within 14 days. Send it back within 18 days of receipt, in original condition and securely packed.

I’ll refund your money or exchange your painting for a different one.

No headaches, no hassles.

If you try a second painting and it doesn’t work for you, I’ll just refund your money.

I believe in my work.

I believe in your ability to choose an amazing painting.

I’m willing to prove my confidence with this no-hassle guarantee.


It is a slightly older painting from my repertoire, expected with student-grade rather than artist-grade materials.

So what does that mean for you?

Not that much and a lot.

This is a fine painting, created with good materials. While it’s not museum-quality, I have every reason to believe it will last decades if properly cared for.

So, that’s the part where being a study doesn’t mean much to you. This is an original painting you can enjoy for many years – unless you’re a museum, in which case you need it longer than that.

Remember the part where the painting’s studio-ness means a whole lot to you?

We’re at that part now.

I’ll go live you a hint: It’s the price.

You fall in love with the painting you fall in love with.

That said, if this is your first original art purchase and money really is an object, I can confidently recommend a study.

Here’s the thing. Don’t tell anyone, okay?

A study is an original painting, by me, with all of the characteristics you love about my art. It incorpoates my ideas about color – and uses a lot of it. It uses my same techniques with brush and/or palette knife – and again, uses a lot of it. This painting comes from my brain and my hands.

Selling studies is a choice.

Obviously, if you buy a study I make money. I like money. Because the art supply store likes money, and I like art supplies.

MY decision to offer studies is absolutely about money. I want you to own original art even if you can’t afford one of my originals.

That’s it. That’s my motivation.



Let’s talk about packing first.

Chances are I’m going to pack your painting myself and my husband, Jim, is going to take it to the post office.

If I don’t pack it, Jim will, and I trust him.

So you’re getting a carefully handled package, but what will that look like?

I pull your painting from storage and make sure it’s dust-free and in excellent condition. I always do this part myself.

I wrap the painting first in glassine paper to protect it from dust and minor scratches. I put corner protectors on, um, the corners, to – well, protect them.

Then I wrap the painting in Tyvek, the stuff rip-proof envelopes are made of.

Then, if it’s a canvas panel, I wrap it in a foam envelope. You may have wrapped dishes in one of these when moving. If it’s a stretched canvas I wrap it in a sheet of the same soft foam.

I take this whole glassine-Tyvek-foam sandwich and wrap it in bubble wrap.

I take this sandwich and place it in a custom-sized box.

I need to warn you that if I’ve run out of boxes (it happens), the inside of your box may say U-Haul. U-Haul actually makes really good boxes. They’re just a little expensive and they say U-Haul.

After everything goes in the box, the box gets a visit from the shipping tape fairy. Once the fairy visits, that painting is in the box until you take it out. By force, if necessary.


I ship by United States Postal Service for a variety of reasons involving price, reliability and speed.

If you’re in the US, I’ll ship your painting by Priority Mail.

If you’re outside of the US, I’ll ship your painting using the best combination of speed and affordability.

I will insure your package for the cost of the painting.


Please allow 3-5 days for your order to ship. I strive to get every order out within 24 hours, but my health sometimes delays shipping briefly.

When your order ships, I will send you a notification with a tracking number so you can follow your painting’s progress on its way to you.