Freedom’s Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Prove.

Shouldn’t your art reflect who you really are?

When I was five years old, I took all the paper off the shelf in my kindergarten classroom. 

When Mrs. Carnahan told me to put it all back but one sheet, my best friend stood up and announced, “But she’s going to write a book!” 

Kindergarten teachers are the least flappable people in the world. Mrs. Carnahan replied, “Well, she’ll have to write it one piece of paper at a time.” 

Much later, I did just that, again and again. I wrote many books, one piece of paper at a time. 

Then one day I decided to hang up my writing spurs. I didn’t know what I’d do next, but I knew it would be an adventure. 

I just didn’t know how much of an adventure. 

I’m Angie Dixon, author of The Leonardo Trait: How Creative People Can Turn Your Creative Eccentricity into a Life You Love. 

When I retired from writing, I decided to take up painting. I’d always been in love with art and always wanted to learn how to paint. So I picked up a paintbrush. 

Not too long, after that first brush with painting, pun intended, I started having some back issues. 

18 months after that, following every lesser intervention possible, I had a spinal fusion. Basically, I had part of my spine welded together with bone grafts and metal bits. 

Nine months after that, following two years of confinement to bed, I’m finally able to paint every day. I think everyone should live their best life, and that includes the art on your walls.

My mission as an artist is to make art that I love. In doing that, I hope I will also make art that you love and want to own.

To that end, you can browse the art I have available for purchase, find out more about me and my art, or start a conversation with me.